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Torque and drag problems are very common during the drilling of highly-deviated wellbores.  If your company has had problems drilling lateral sections of horizontal wells or running a casing, liner or frac string, Codeco can help. We have given many clients the confidence to run their casings or completion strings following their drilling operations, sometimes without wiper trips, saving them time and money.  Codeco has been able to predict the running forces and buckling of running strings in slant and vertical well applications. Codeco provides TDA for high angle and horizontal wells for ‘design profile’ or ‘as-built directional survey’ applications.
We model a variety of Drilling Operations including:

  • BHA design for directional and horizontal drilling
  • Buckling predictions for sand control liner and frac string running
  • Sensitivity analysis on friction factors

We provide:

  • Pick-up weight, slack-off weight
  • Overpull margin during tripping out
  • Tension, hook-load and torque predictions
  • Pull down force assessment


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