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Codeco Energy Group is a licensed user of Fractical Solution’s QflowTM software and offers the following steam distribution modeling services:

  • Technical and commercial evaluation of different completion options including steam-splitters and insulated injection tubing, competitor analysis and technology readiness evaluation.
  • Sensitivity analysis of different completion arrangements as they impact annular pressure drop, wellhead conditions and required liner diameter.

Our clients have the option to have us perform the analyses on PetroStudies Thermal WellBore Simulator or CMG STARS FlexWell. We work with the client’s subsurface team to evaluate the options and support the decision-process as the detailed injector completion arrangement is specified.

Codeco can provide the education on the fundamentals of SAGD steam chamber conformance as well as the completion choices that enhance the uniformity of steam chamber development. The increase in well life and productivity will amaze your project team.


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