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Sand Control Testing helps develop an understanding of the plugging mechanism as well as determining the suitability and design tolerances of various sand control screens for different applications. Codeco has over 15 years of experience in sand retention testing for clients in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. As part of sand retention testing, we assist our clients with the analysis of core samples and formation sand characterization.

Our Engineering staff will assist you in designing flow tests that will be practical and cost effective.  The flow tests are designed to simulate the sand retention/ plugging behaviors of various types of screens in multiphase fluid flow by measuring the differential pressure in the sand pack and the top and bottom of the retention device. Interpretation includes relating the pressure drop behavior to the amounts of produced solids/ fines and assessing the overall stability of the sand control system, reference CIPC/SPE Paper# 2008-186.  Codeco is also able to provide third-party thermal, mechanical load and fluid flow modeling on the liners to check suitability of metallurgy and screen slot or pipe perforation density.


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