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Managing and optimizing corporate assets will undoubtedly lead companies down the abandonment path. Getting rid of the many liabilities associated with these non-productive assets such as; surface casing vent flows, gas migration, groundwater contamination, potential surface leaks resulting from unlawful tampering, soil contamination from old sumps and flare pits definitely provides a net benefit to the owner. Ensuring that the abandonment work is planned and carried out in the most cost effective manner and in accordance with government regulations is our mandate. We bring many years of abandonment expertise to the table and can reduce the risk and costs associated with abandonment operations. We will work with your company to address the following items:

  • Landowner notification letters
  • Regulatory submissions
  • Well inspection and site assessment report (WISAR)
  • Discussion of abandonment options
  • Wellfile review
  • Program preparation
  • Cost estimation
  • Implementation of operations program
  • Site remediation
  • Reclamation certificate


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